The slideshow on this page shows examples of my recent photography. For an overview of my most successful work, you may wish to visit my International Exhibitions gallery. You can use this website to buy prints and book talks on photography, gardening, landscapes and travel. If you would like to commission articles, photographic assignments or photographic workshops, please contact me.

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This is the website of Robert Harvey, professional environmental scientist, photographer, horticulturist, writer and speaker

As a Chartered Natural Scientist and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, I travel extensively around the UK and the world photographing landscapes and wildlife. I am particularly inspired by coasts and deserts, where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. In the last few years I am fortunate to have travelled to several of the world's most renowned wildlife destinations such as Yellowstone, Serengeti, Pantanal and Galapagos. Photographing birds and mammals in the wild, whether in Britain, Africa, India or South America, is always an exciting challenge.

Much as I enjoy travelling, I live just a few miles from the World Heritage Site of Avebury and many favourite images have been taken in my own county of Wiltshire, where our ancient past resonates through the landscape. I seek to bring a strong seasonal theme to my images, making use of different light and colours throughout the year. My photographic schedule is often dictated by sunrise, sunset, moon, tides and weather. When at home, I maintain a garden on the Marlborough Downs that my wife Sarah and I have created over the last ten years.